Napoleon Bonaparte Final Address

17?? ???????? Before I go into my plans for tomorrow I will look back into my actions during the French Revolution. France had been undergoing a lot of political turmoil. After the ending of the monarchy the Committee of Public… Continue Reading →

Log of 1973

  Early 1793 I used to dream of an independent Corsica after it was sold to France. However, now I think that the revolutionary government would be the best course of action for Corsica. I came to this idea after… Continue Reading →

Primary Source

My primary source is:   The source I have chosen is the constitution of VIII. It is a document that was created by two legislative commissions and over-viewed by Napoleon. It’s significant because it proposed the Consulate and to make Napoleon First… Continue Reading →

Final Indepth Post

Only one month to go until Indepth night, I can’t believe it has been five months since we started.  Anyways as you can see in the title this will be my final Indepth post before Indepth night. So after giving… Continue Reading →

A leader is a dealer in hope

1973 Pasquale Paoli the man I used to idolize but now despise. The traitor was a monarch sympathizer while I supported the Jacobins. I tried to confront him but he gathered some royalists and I had to flee with my… Continue Reading →


I never thought I would ever use memes in school, but here we are. It was a pleasant and surprisingly challenging project. Having only looked at memes I never thought about how hard it would be to make them. It was… Continue Reading →

Nearing the end

Only two months until in depth night! It’s surprising how close the end of the project and the end of TALONS is.  It is making me nervous that I’m not as far as I wanted to be with things like mentors… Continue Reading →

Abortion: Is it the answer or the problem

My “creative” title is an attempt to sum up the abortion argument for my second document of learning. It’s a difficult topic to discuss and even more difficult to find unbiased information. The topic has polar opposite sides, those for… Continue Reading →

Indepth post

Time has been flying by it feels like only a couple weeks ago school started and now after next week it’s spring break.  Anyways Minlyn and I need to find a new mentor since our previous one is too busy…. Continue Reading →

First spark #3

Wow I can’t believe it has been six weeks already! Since the last blog post I have achieved my goal and have much more results for this post. What I did? Over the past two weeks I met with my mentor,… Continue Reading →

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