My “creative” title is an attempt to sum up the abortion argument for my second document of learning. It’s a difficult topic to discuss and even more difficult to find unbiased information. The topic has polar opposite sides, those for abortion and those against it.  It’s a touchy subject for many and I’ll try my best to be sensitive about it.  Anyways on to the document of learning:


I assume most people know what abortion is but just clarify it’s the deliberate act of terminating a pregnancy. This is done through many methods most of which can be classified into the two categories Medical and Surgical.  You can view some specific methods learn more through many sources like this one.


The question I first had when looking into this forum was what the causes of abortion are. This question was pretty easily answered since there are many sources that have detailed lists of most common reasons (See here for example list). So once I was more knowledgeable in this topic I began to delve into bigger questions. Why is it hard to get an abortion? Should abortions be allowed? I looked into this and learned some surprising results. Like how 13% of maternal deaths worldwide are from abortion.  This seemed unbelievable, but that was because I was thinking this was happening in places like Canada. What is actually happening is most of the deaths caused by abortion done through nonprofessional methods. You might think why not go to a doctor? This is because to be blunt lots of women can’t. Sadly the world isn’t like Canada which has no laws against abortion; instead lots of countries including the US have laws that regulate it.   So when women with some of the circumstances I referenced above are in need of an abortion they can be out of luck just depending on where they live. So when desperate they turn to unsafe methods which have a high risk for consequences.

So what who cares? / Diverse Opinions

The reason you should care is that it is unfair to women and their bodies and can make them do desperate things. They should be given the ability to have an abortion without risking their lives.  While it may not be an issue in Canada this is an issue in other parts of the world and should not be a taken lightly.

However, in regards to the other side of this argument which I personally support you should also care about the baby’s life. A lot of people  don’t think abortion should be allowed. Some people view it as murder which is quite extreme and something I don’t agree with. Although I do think there should be some reasonable regulations for abortion. Which I elaborate one below.

What should be done?

It is hard to reach compromise for the problem of differing opinions about abortion.  My suggestion would be to allow abortion for women as it is in the US. I’m not referring to the current unfair system it uses; instead I’m referring to its law regarding fetal viability (see here for what it is). Normally legal rights are given to the mother who has the right to decide to get an abortion, but there is an exception. When the fetus reaches the “fetal viability” stage it is given some limited rights and viewed as a human being. Once this stage is reached in the US the individual states are allowed to limit the right to an abortion. Most states have banned it completely after that stage, but before that stage it is legal to get an abortion in the US.

So I believe that abortion should be legal before the fetal viability stage, then after it should be restricted and only allowed for more special circumstances. However, where my suggestion differs from the US system is that there should be almost no restrictions on women wanting an abortion. I say this because the individual states in America can make it difficult to get an abortion before fetal viability.


There is a lot of trusted information on this topic which can be easily accessed. I used Wikipedia for my research but only after I verified it with trusted sites such as government ones. I also gained research from my participation in the Abortion thread on kelvin’s forum and watching the John Oliver video on the subject. There is a difficulty to find unbiased information due to the black and white sides of this issue, but it shouldn’t affect the integrity of the facts.

I used a lot of sources to verify, I pasted most of them in the spoiler.