Only two months until in depth night! It’s surprising how close the end of the project and the end of TALONS is.  It is making me nervous that I’m not as far as I wanted to be with things like mentors and other setbacks I’ll elaborate on later, but I’m going to continue being optimistic. My plan is for the rest of the project will be to do as much as I can and remember that the goals I set at the start can be adjusted. I will adjust my goals if needed on my last post which if I remember correctly is the next one. In the same post I will also make a more in-depth outline for my Indepth night presentation. So anyways enough about what I will do, time to talk about what I have done.

After my last post I knew I needed to do more work but spring break was coming up. I would have worked on the project but I remembered I was going to Hawaii. So I spent time working on building a shelter in the clearing I had found earlier. I didn’t have time to finish it but it was nearing completion. I stored the supplies in that simple lean-to I made to protect my stuff from the rain since I couldn’t bring it all home.

When I got back from vacation I found it trashed with most of the supplies gone or unusable. I was shocked because I thought I was pretty secluded from the bike trails nearby, however as I was trying to salvage what I could someone actually biked down the log I had built it against.  Then I realized my mistake… When I had been working on it during the earlier months of the project it had been raining, and everything was wet/slippery so no one was biking, especially on the more difficult paths.  So that was an annoying setback, here are some photos for proof.



So not wanting to waste time I was going to start building again, but first I need to find a new clearing and make sure it won’t be disturbed.  I have a couple more options for where I can build I’m just making sure it won’t be destroyed again. Anyways as I was searching I collected some different ferns and other plants making sure not to take too many from each root. I’m now drying out the fibers and will be making some more rope.  Below are some photos for the new batch of fibers. Although something good came out of making more rope. I discovered what seemed to be a tube in the stem of a fern. After researching I learned it’s the Endodermis. So I’m going to try drying it out and if it doesn’t become brittle could be great for holding together larger fibers before I weave them.  So within this week I should have a good shelter built following a guide from one of the Outdoor survival handbook examples.  I also will be using excess materials from rope making like when I made my walking stick to start making some bird nest style tinder. Once I do that since its spring I will be able to easily find dry materials to start practicing the hand/bow drill or fire plow methods to make a fire.
Rope making photos
Also in regards to survival food there have been some local plants I’m memorizing on how to identify and where to find. Some examples are dandelion which I have tried raw and I’m looking for others such as the three ferns lady fern, ostrich fern and bracken which have edible fiddleheads (also known as crozier which is funny because my last name). I did find some Athyrium filix-femina (lady fern) although no fiddlehead. I did use the stem though in the rope making.


What kinds of learning opportunities exist to reinforce new learning?

Repetition would be the best learning opportunity. I mean this in regards to the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Now that I don’t have any weather limitations I should be able to work at a faster pace and therefore practice more. Also thanks to the large amount of resources/instruction online and in books I can easily practice and get new ideas of what to do next.

What kinds of opportunities exist right now to accelerate your learning?

There are opportunities of signing up for youth survival courses which would definitely accelerate my learning, however they’re quite expensive.  A different type of opportunity would be meeting with Minlyn again or you know getting and meeting with a mentor.


As I said I still don’t have a mentor which is why I can only fully answer these two questions. So I will be calling some outdoor organizations and continue reaching out to other people.