I never thought I would ever use memes in school, but here we are. It was a pleasant and surprisingly challenging project. Having only looked at memes I never thought about how hard it would be to make them. It was also a little more difficult with having to make it related to current events or Hamilton AND keep it school appropriate. However, I think that I made a couple good ones. Below I put what I thought were my best memes but I did a couple more which you can find at #talonsss16

Here’s a bonus one I made when I heard about the assignment

shut up and take my money zlexander

The first meme I made got inspiration from a song in the Hamilton Musical called “My shot”. In the song Hamilton sings about how he isn’t going to waste his shot. So I pasted a photo of Hamilton face onto a classic meme. The meme is Fry a character from Futurama saying the catchphrase “shut up and take my money” which is normally used for when someone has positive approval toward an idea or product. So I used a picture of the logo from Microsoft’s’ Second Shot for a sort of double meaning. The more obvious connection is how Hamilton wants more shots. However, I also included a more subtle connection which was that the Second Shot organization allows free retakes for some exams. This is a connection because Hamilton valued education and would definitely support something that helped people like him who didn’t come from a privileged background.

downloadyou get a wall

My two next memes are about Donald Trump and his walls. The Robert Downey Jr. meme is a reaction meme with a face he made.  The Oprah Winfrey meme is when she gave the whole audience a free car and said “and you get a car” a lot. I used the two memes to show how I view Donald Trump’s current plans of building a wall between Mexico AND Canada. It has already been proven that building just one wall would be very expensive and his current plan of making Mexico pay for it is unlikely to say the least. Also his accusations of Mexico’s and Canada’s people seem rather unfounded. So I hope he isn’t elected because as pointed about by John Oliver and many others his flaws don’t stop with the outrageous wall ideas.

download (1)

This meme is a reference to how well Hamilton could write. He wrote an amazing essay about the hurricane that destroyed Christiansted on August 30, 1772. It was this essay what allowed him to get funding to continue his education in the Colonies and become one of the Founding Fathers. He also wrote 51 essays! For The Federalist Papers which were written to defend the proposed constitution. I was just surprised at his writing prowess and thought to alter a meme about it. The original meme is “Clean all the things!!!” and he usually holds a broom where I photo-shopped the pencil

So that’s all I have to say about these memes, they were a lot of fun to make and I learned a lot through my research.

See you next time!