Pasquale Paoli the man I used to idolize but now despise. The traitor was a monarch sympathizer while I supported the Jacobins. I tried to confront him but he gathered some royalists and I had to flee with my family to France.  Now I have returned to military duty cutting my leave short. Anyways I have met Augustin Robespierre who is the brother of Maximillien Robespierre the revolutionary leader.  The brothers seem like the best way to rise up in power. Turns out I was right because once I proved my tactical brilliance I was promoted to brigadier general. However, once M. Robespierre fell from power my connection to the brothers backfired. I was put under house arrest but thankfully not guillotined.


Knowing I needed to prove my loyalty I helped prevent a royalist insurrection to prove my devotion. My support resulted in a promotion to Major General.  I commanded the French army and successfully fought many wars. The Directory seeing my ability offered me a chance to invade England. However, as always I had a better idea of invading Egypt to cut off British trade routes. This was yet another example of my brilliant strategy to strike quickly and unexpectedly. Although this time it didn’t work as well. I had to abandon my forces when our navy was destroyed in the Battle of the Nile.


I returned to France and saw the revolutionary government unfit. France required a better leader…. Someone like me…. So I helped organized the coup of 18 Brumaire. It was a success and I helped overthrow the Directory. A three-member Consulate was instituted to replace the Directory. I was promptly made first consul. Using the power I just gained I will try and restore France to its former glory. Some ideas I have to do this will be making many reforms. Such as upgrading education, establishing a bank, and maybe even writing some civil laws.

-Napoleon Bonaparte