Only one month to go until Indepth night, I can’t believe it has been five months since we started.  Anyways as you can see in the title this will be my final Indepth post before Indepth night. So after giving an update of what I have done since the last post I will give my new plan for Indepth night.

So far I have made some good progress. I made a lot of rope mainly from cedar bark.  There was an issue of me breaking the bark rope by testing it too much. However, thanks to Minlyn I learned of Yucca leaf rope. Yucca rope is probably three times as good in almost every aspect compared to cedar bark rope. I actually tried to break some Yucca rope but I couldn’t.  So once I get more Yucca fiber it will be the only rope I use. Anyways I needed to rope to make an open-fronted lean-to shelter. It turned out to be a success. While it was a little shaky it was definitely warm and dry. The reason I chose the open-fronted lean-to is that it is easier to make then the Double Lean-to and is easier to be near your fire. I tried to make a fire along with the shelter but I struggled to light it. I tried using a hard drill and a fire plough but couldn’t get them to work.

Here are some photos of the many ropes I made.

Another thing I did was fire some clay with Minlyn.  We made a fire sadly using more modern techniques and then placed some clay bowls inside.  Minlyn made the bigger one in the photos and I made the smaller one. They didn’t turn out that well with Minlyn’s crumbling apart and mine being very cracked, but I for our first try firing clay I would say it was a success. Next time we’ll purify the clay so it turns out better and doesn’t have any rocks or other contaminants in it.

Here are some photos of the clay pots.


In the time leading up to Indepth Night I will master the fire starting methods I mentioned earlier and build a fire reflector for the shelter. I will also try to make another pot or tool out of clay and build a Double Lean-To shelter if I have the time.

Indepth Night

On Indepth Night I have changed my original plan of doing a presentation/speech. I will now be doing a Learning Center where I will feature the things I made in the wilderness such as rope, and the clay pot. I will also have a video or slideshow of me starting a fire. I will also show some general things I learned like edible plants through either a poster board type thing or just discussing it at my station.


Sadly I didn’t find a mentor for my Indepth project. I tried calling some outdoor organizations and asking people I know but to no avail. So I have now decided to stop looking since the project is nearing its end. To compensate for the mentor area of the project I have done lots of research, and conferred with my father who is very experienced in the outdoors.  I also watched a youtuber called Primitive Technology which gave Minlyn and me some ideas for the project. An example of is finding and firing clay in the wilderness.