Early 1793

I used to dream of an independent Corsica after it was sold to France. However, now I think that the revolutionary government would be the best course of action for Corsica. I came to this idea after meeting some Jacobins in Corsica particularly Augustine Robespierre.  Although my connection to Augustin backfired and resulted in my family and I being forced to leave Corsica. I have returned to my command in the Artillery and my Family has moved to Toulon a city near France.

June 1793

I had thought Toulon would be a good place to say and it probably was until French Royalists handed it over to Britain.  The leaders of Toulon being Royalists welcomed a British fleet.  This rebellion was a serious blow to France’s naval power as it is a vital naval port.  It was also important because it could lead to even revolts in other areas. I being a artillery officer have been sent there to aid in the seige.

September 1793

The Chief of Artillery, Commander Elzéar Auguste de Dommartin was wounded in a previous battle. So as a result I was put in charge thanks to help from my friend Augustin Robespierre. Thanks to that I was able to requisition equipment and canons from the surrounding area. I was also able to then get retired artillery officers to re-enlist. However, I wasn’t satisfied and intensively trained majority of the infantry to deploy and fire artillery.

Even after those successes I still wasn’t confident in this siege. I found my officers to be incompetent often causing needless delays.  I wrote to the Committee of Public Safety requesting assistance. I suggested they appoint someone to a higher command then myself so they could lay down the law and keep my officers in order. Anyways the siege had begun. Based off of the reconnaissance I have drafted an attack plan. Which starts with he construction of more batteries (fortified emplacement for artillery).

November 1793

November 11-16

There was an issue with the inexperienced Francois Doppet being appointed commander after Jean Carteaux was dismissed. Apparently he’d been a doctor before this which makes sense, because he has no military talent. Thank God he resigned after realizing how incompetent he was. The next commander appointed was Jacques Dugommier. He was much better suited for the task and even decided we should follow my attack strategy.

November 28th 1793

With the constant threat of bombardment from the increasing number of batteries we had built the enemy decided to launch a “sortie”(sortie is the displacement of military units from a defensive position.) We responded with a counter attack led by Jacques Dugommier and me. It was a success and resulted in the capture of a British General. This capture led to the negotiations of surrender and the disarming of Royalist Battalions.

-Napoleon Bonaparte