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Before I go into my plans for tomorrow I will look back into my actions during the French Revolution.

France had been undergoing a lot of political turmoil. After the ending of the monarchy the Committee of Public Safety took control.  During this time there were mass executions under the reign of Robespierre.  Sigh when I first met Robespierre he had seemed like a great revolutionary.  It was through him that I learned to appreciate the radical Jacobin Club he supported. However, turns out he was too radical as was shown by his terrible actions. So while my connections to him did boost my status they also back-lashed when he fell from power. I was almost arrested with him for his reign of terror. Luckily I wasn’t, but my loyalty was put in question.

The new government system called The Directory was established. It consisted of 5 people who held executive power with one of them being replaced each year. This new government didn’t like me at all. I had to stop a Monarch insurrection to regain their trust.  After that they promoted me and began to appreciate my military success. They even made me their military adviser. I continued with my successful military campaigns and was promoted after stopping yet another royalist insurrection. After this The Directory suggested I lead an invasion of Britain. However, I decided it would be better to invaded Egypt, and stop British supply lines. This conquest sadly didn’t end well after I underestimated an Egyptian city.

After an embarrassing defeat at the Nile I have just returned to France today on the 17th Brumaire.  With the continued internal tension in France, I decided that the best way to fix it would be instituting a new government.  The Directory only cares about self-preservation and has rigged the elections. To stop them I have organized a coup d’état with two of the Jacobins on The Directory.  If everything goes according to plan tomorrow The Directory will be no more. Afterwards I will create the Consulate. The Consulate is a form of government with three Consuls sharing executive power. I will be First consul along with those two backstabbing Jacobins that helped me with the coup d’état.  It will be annoying sharing the power, but I will eventually get full control and remove the two Jacobins before they decide to overthrow me. Once I get full executive power I will rule France to the best of my ability

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