Eminent Person 2014-2015

Learning Center

The two documents I used for my learning center. I also had an eye chart but It disappeared from my table. Goggles Goggles Number 1# The goggles simulate total blindness, the inability to see anything. People with total blindness can’t differentiate… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables

Night of the Notables, an experience I will remember forever. Some of the things i will remember is the sense of awe when listening to the grade 10 speeches and when looking at my classmates learning centers. I would like… Continue Reading →

Annotated biBLOGraphy

Here is my Annotated BiBLOGraphy.  Goglogo is an interesting website that allows you to create a custom google search engine. For my Learning center I wanted an eye catching title that was in the google color scheme, since my… Continue Reading →


  I interviewed Aaron Kleiner through email. Here are his responses. How did you meet Ray Kurzweil? We were roommates at MIT and fraternity brothers How long have you been friends? Since January 1966. Going on 49 years What is… Continue Reading →


Hello my name is Stevie Wonder, I am a blind musician. I was a premature baby born with eyesight, but I became blind as the result of too much oxygen in my incubator. When I was young I showed an… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning

For my document of learning I have posted my rough draft of my speech. Document of learning/Rough Draft Speech (POV: Stevie Wonder) Hey my name is Stevie Wonder renowned blind musician. I was a premature baby born in Saginaw, Michigan…. Continue Reading →

S.F.U trip

Photos of the library visit field study SFU Trip Slideshow The reason it is still in link format is because there are too many photos to post . I also tried to use HTML  so you wouldn’t have leave the… Continue Reading →

Library Visit Field Study

What are you seeking on the trip? I am seeking resources such as books and articles and I am seeking inspiration for my project. How will you capture what you find? I will capture it through photos and post them… Continue Reading →

Eminent person Introductory Post

  Ray Kurzweil For my eminent person project I have decided to study Ray Kruzweil.  The reason i have chosen Ray is because I have always had a passion for technology and books and I find his work to be… Continue Reading →

FIRST blog post

my amazing first post

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